If You’re Ready To Connect With Your Kids And Stop The Struggle,

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Dear Fellow Parent..

I know why your relationship with your kids are not where you want them to be…

It isn’t because you’re a bad parent or that you are careless….

It’s because you have lost the focus and need a helping hand to engage with your child.

Your parenting journey is unique and the struggles you have are unique as well .

If you’ve been suffering like this for a long time, I know you might want to work with me on the issues 

that really matter.

Because of this, I offer one-on-one coaching that focuses on you, your family, and the issues that prevent

you from developing the relationship that you want to have with your children. 

My coaching is designed to help you reach your goals for your family and transform your parenting and 

your relationships to your loved once.

My coaching is not like any other parenting coaching as it focuses on the typical issues related to children

on the autistic spectrum with their specific struggles and behaviors 


I’d like you to invite you jump on a 30-minute phone call with me, free of charge.

I would be delighted to listen and learn about your family’s specific struggles and challenges.

By the end of the call, I’ll know exactly what your needs and wants are. 

And YOU’LL know whether or not you’d like to work with me. 

Sound fair?

The  breakthrough call allows me to get to know your current parenting struggles and do some
brief troubleshooting for your parenting and how to help your child.

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If it feels like chaos follows you wherever you go I will help you get the to the root cause and bring back 

control into your life.

The advice I give in my coaching often applies to ALL relationships—not just to your children,

I see it as a family session as often families have more than one child and the impact is felt on other

members of the family as well as.

When you learn to overcome the anger and frustrations your mood and mindset will change. 

I help parents who want to stop the vicious cycle of negative and toxic relationship .

If you fed up yelling, fighting, arguing, threatening be being threatened..
If you feel that your anger rules your parenting I can help..

When you start using the tools and techniques you are sure to see results 

In the process, you’ll  understand your children better and learn how to handle emotions in a healthy way.


Here’s What To Do Next
The next step is for you to schedule your Discovery Call.

We’ll spend 30 minutes talking about your family’s specific struggles and dynamics and the ways I can 

help you make this parenting journey more pleasurable and effective.


But Here’s the Catch…
This offer is only for those interested in taking action, I will not be able to help you if you 

are not willing to change. in other words your drive to make a change has to be greater than your drive 

to remain at the same stage you are.


Yes! I’m Ready To Talk To Dana

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30 minutes Discovery Session

30 minute FREE Coaching Consultation Session.
This is a 30 minute phone call with me, free of charge. No two families will get the same parenting advice from me, so it’s essential that I have the chance to listen and learn about your family’s specific struggles and dynamics.

By the end of the call, I’ll know exactly what your family needs to become a peaceful household… And YOU’LL know whether or not you’d like to move forward with me as your coach.

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