Braintap is a headset connected to a mobile phone/cell phone via Bluetooth technology. The white headset has a visor that serves 2 functions: the first is to block the light and the 2nd function is to send light signals to your eyes.   Your eyes are brain matter and the input is doubled as it goes through your ears and eyes at the same time listening either to relaxing sounds or guided meditation.

braintap headset

Great For: The whole family and especially for children on the autistic spectrum
Ease of Use: Easy To Use 
Experience Level: All levels
Ultimate Goal: Meditation, Better  Sleep, Reduced Anxiety and Stress Relief

Bosu Balance Ball

Bosu NexGen balance trainer is designed for enhanced grip with either hands or feet on the dome it is an Improved design for new exercises and usage.
You can use it even if you are heavier than a feather, a perfect tool you can use on both sides while turning the Bosu NexGen.

bosu balance ball

Great For: Balancing, Core muscles Children and Adults At All Levels, Athletes and Non- Athletes.
Ease of Use: Easy to Moderate 
Experience Level: All levels
Ultimate Goal: Grow your Balance and Enhance Your stability.

Rezzimax Tuner Pro

Rezzimax Tuner pro is a healing device designed to relieve pain and heal the body by using resonance energy that helps the vagus nerve to balance our brain into calmness and relaxation for full natural relief from migraine headaches,
TMJ, TMD, and Other Chronic Pain conditions.

Great For: Pain relief, Sensory Integration, Primitive Reflexes Integration, Headaches and Migraines, TMJ
Ease of Use: Easy To Learn and apply to any place on your body using the pillow and strap.
Experience Level: All levels
Ultimate Goal: Healing, Natural  Pain Relief, Relaxation, Vagal Nerve Tunning, Relief from Headaches and TMJ

rezimax jaws