Answer 30 questions to see how you can improve your child’s developmental progress

 The scorecard has been developed to quickly and painlessly produce a  developmental score based on your answers. In under 3 minutes you will generate results with a tailored action plan on how to improve your child’s development path. 

No gimmicks, no number crunching, just some simple yes/no questions to help you identify the areas you could help your child succeed in life.

You’ll be scored against the following key areas:

Motor Skills

Essential to Learning! What are motor skills? A motor skill is a function, which involves the precise movement of muscles with the intent to perform a specific act.

Sensory Integration

 Processing, integration, and organization of sensory information from the body and the environment. Simply put, this means how we experience, interpret and react to (or ignore) information coming from our senses.

Emotional Regulation

The ability to manage your emotional responses. We often cannot control the things that life throws our way, but we can learn to control our response.

Social Behaviour

The way your child acts or conducts especially towards others in a social interaction.