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We help families to transform their kids’ lives in a natural way without medication.

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The Family Transformation Formula

family formula

The Familiy Transformation Formula

Intensive 4 one-to-one sessions where I build a plan for your child to help to overcome sensory and behavioral challenges.

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The Family Transformation formula is a 12-week holistic program designed to help parents achieve laser focus results for their kids on the spectrum.    This is my most intensive course based on a holistic therapy approach that improves behavior, focus and learning and at the same time reduced anger and aggression by treating The ROOT CAUSE  of the problem rather than the symptoms.  Divided into 4 sessions with me on Zoom setting up goals and following up on our targets and progress made.

I will provide you with an action plan and tasks to complete and provide feedback and ideas every step of the way.  Each session includes a follow-up email including any tools talked about. Additional emails relating to topics discussed will be included.   Free email support throughout the program tailored specifically to your needs.       The family transformation’ formula is designed to help children overcome difficulties Related to ADHD, Autism Spectrum and learning difficulties.    This is a 12-week program you will be getting 4 one-to-one evaluations and follow-up sessions with my templates to make it easy for you to implement, assessment forms recommended diets and much more…

The program has 4 stages:

  1. Sensory integration – move from overwhelmed to focused. identify the affected senses and the type of behaviour that should be addressed.  Building a sensory diet and activities for your child
  2. Gut health– move from inflammation to elimination assessment and individual nutrition suggestions for the   child to avoid inflammation
  3. Primitive reflexes and brain balancing -move from unstable and clumsy to the synchronized body. You will learn about the main primitive reflexes affecting your child’s progress You will learn how to identify the reflexes that didn’t integrate well. I will show you the exact exercises I used to integrate primitive reflexes most efficiently  
  4. Family resilience – move from confused to confident parent. How to deal with meltdown effectively.                Polyvagal theory bottom-up and top-down behavior to deal with anger.                                                              Breathing and meditation strategies and tips.                                                                                                                  Self-care – finding time for yourself to relax and gain your energy levels up.                                                            Family bonding techniques and strategies.