Bosu Ball review 2022| BOSU NextGen Pro

What is the Bosu ball?

If you are not familiar with this product you should get excited as Bosu balance trainer has now a new version that is has increased capabilities and endurance compared to previous versions.
This is designed for enhanced grip with either hands or feet on the dome it is an Improved design for new exercises and usage.
You can use it even if you are heavier than a feather Maximum user weight limit – 350 lbs (159kg)
The diameter – 65 cm or 26″ which gives you a perfect tool you can use on both sides while turning the Bosu NexGen

bosu ball trainer
bosu ball trainer

Bosu NextGen Balance Trainer

In this BOSU ball review, I will describe the Balance Trainer: it is half Blue Exercise Ball (dome shape) you can see it in your local gym for a good reason, it works and it’s the industry leader in this type of equipment.
The trainer has a better design consisting of 4 texturized quadrants that help with the grip but also help with positioning your body on the right spot, the older version didn’t have it.

I like the rugged design better grip as you can use it on both sides, your hands and feet don’t skid to the sides and it makes it easier to balance y, even for your children. 😊

Specifications of the Bosu Ball:

bosu ball kit

• Made in the USA
• NEW – Textured Quadrants for better hand/foot grip and precise body positioning
• Applications: Functional training, flexibility, muscle toning/strengthening, grip strength, sports movements, etc.
• Latex-Free, Burst-Resistant material (molded plastic and weighted rubber)
• Weight: 19LB ( 9.07 KG)
• Weight Capacity: 350LB (159 KG)
• Dimensions: 65cm diameter, 25.4cm (10 inches) Fully Inflated
• Non-Skid, Non-Marking Base
• Black dually over-molded platform for extra strength
• Color: Blue with Gray rim and Black base
• Comes with: Hand Pump, Owner’s Manual, Downloadable Wall Chart, DVD Download

What can you do with Bosu Ball

bosu balance

It’s a very versatile tool as you can do many core exercises for different ages and requirements just to mention a few: sit-ups, push-ups, planks, lunges.
I have seen that in my local gym they also use it for yoga and Pilates classes to enhance the session and get those Yogis away from their comfort zone.
In summary, there is no end, you can add to this many more, jumping balancing and using it as a base to sit or balance on the other side your imagination is your friend.

As for the instability of the Bosu, you work out your core muscles as a result, which made this product so popular all around the globe.

bosu ball
bosu ball

How do you use a BOSU Nexgen balance trainer?

7 years ago I have created a video on YouTube with my son jumping from the Bosu to the trampoline and vice versa this was a hit as I focused on exercises you can do with a 6 years old child.

My son uses the Bosu almost daily jumping and balancing which help him to focus and have better coordination.

This is especially important for children whose balance isn’t good and their posture is not balanced. Bosu NexGen pro balance trainer can help.

Is a balance trainer worth it?

It’s a good quality product that lasts for years, easy to maintain, and is very versatile so the answer is yes, I think it’s worth the money.

 BOSU Nexgen balance trainer
BOSU Nexgen balance trainer

Can you jump on a balance trainer?

Of course, you need to make sure you don’t fill the Bosu pro balance trainer to the top so you have a few squashy grounds to jump and balance at the same time.
This product is great for any athlete but not only, but it’s also great for children on the spectrum who needs assistance with sensory interaction and sensory integration. It helps to build up their core stability and endurance.
This is great to develop a sense of our body in space the vestibular sense, I would recommend it.

Parents can do push-ups turning it to the other side to make it more challenging and balancing on one leg.

New Gen or Old Gen

I would recommend the new version as the difference in price is small and the grip makes a big difference, however if you are interested in the old version you can get it here.

Dana Latter
Dana Latter

I help parents through autism spectrum therapies to transform their kids’ lives by sensory interaction, reflex integration and brain balance in a natural way without medication.

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