Rezzimax Tuner Pro 2023 Review | Pain Relief In Under a Minute

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What is the Rezzimax Tuner PRO II

Rezzimax Tuner pro is a healing device designed to relieve pain and heal the body by using resonance energy that helps the vagus nerve to balance our brain into calmness and relaxation for full natural relief from migraine headaches, TMJ, TMD, and Other Chronic Pain conditions.

How does Rezzimax work | vagus nerve massage?

Not all vibration devices are created in the same way as they don’t all create the resonance that your brain needs to heal. some operate like an electric toothbrush, they only vibrate and make some noise but don’t help your body tune to that specific resonance energy the way Rezzimax tuner pro does.

The Rezzimax tuner Pro has been programmed with different frequencies. Each frequency is designed to send a different set of signals to the brain.

Rezzimax tuner pro help to balance the brain quickly it offers a natural solution to chronic pain through the proven use of resonance.

Vibration has the ability nervous system to heal using resonance is an energy that helps the brain to balance and as a result to heal.
By using the Rezzimax we activate and do vagus nerve massage that activates our parasympathetic system and helps us be in a relaxed state to avoid the ‘fight or flight state that leads to further anxiety and distress.

The Vagus nerve help heal, rest, restore and sleep better, vagus nerve massage can speed up the healing to all the organs of our body


How can you use the Rezzimax Tuner Pro?

You can use the Rezzimax Tuner Pro in a variety of ways and as my audience is mainly interested in sensory integration, learning difficulties, and autism-related therapy I focus my attention on ways to help these kids but there can be many other ways to use the Rezzimax Tuner Pro I will describe later.

  1. Gut issues – The tuner wakes up the GI system by activating the vagus nerve it can help with tummy issues and constipation.
  2. Helps integrate primitive reflexes faster: Primitive reflexes are a barrier to normal development and as a result many of the kids on the Spectrum struggle with a variety of issues such as bedwetting, focus, concentration, behavioral issues, sleep, eating, and many more.
    For example:
    By integrating palmer reflex we can see improved handwriting and better ball skills.
    By integrating the Spinal Galant reflex we can treat bedwetting.
  3. Improved speech: Improved speech can be done in various ways :
    Integrating the rooting reflex with the Rezzimax Tuner Pro.
    Activating facial muscles with the tuner.
  4. migraines and headaches – put the Rezzimax wings on the acupuncture point above the eyebrow
  5. Help to build up a stronger core – having a strong core is vital. There is a strong correlation between a strong core and a healthy brain. One way to activate the core muscles is to strap the Rezzimax on the stomach while doing sit-ups.
  6. Helps relax tight muscles – When it comes to tight muscles and pain the tuner is your friend. use it on the sore muscles directly singing or humming at the same time can help our body to sync in with the tuner even faster.
  7. Helps with Emotional regulation – Knowing how to facilitate emotional regulation is an important skill to have for parents of kids on the spectrum.
    There are many ways we can help kids dealing with anxiety such as:
    breathing, yoga, and meditation.

Here is a short video to show how can the Rezzimax Tuner Pro can be used to help with speech and articulation.

Tuner Pro II what Is New?

  1. Toggle between strong and gentle mode
  2. Improve engineering
  3. Low battery indicator
  4. More durable charging point
  5. It comes in black and white

There are 10 levels of vibration and 3 programs for relation by color to engage with our nervous system
the design has wings at the side to use against the skin scraping the skin to wake up the brain and rush the blood

More about the Vagus Nerve and vagus nerve massage

The most important energy that helps our body to heal is the vagus nerve.
It goes to every major organ in the body, interacts with the heart and brain, prevents inflammation, and also controls your communication vocal cords.
Improving the vagus nerve pathways help with painful migraines, headaches, pain relief, calmness, improves sleep and relaxation.

Is vagus nerve damage reversible?

Yes, by stimulating the vagus nerve and applying vagus nerve massage we help the body to restore the functionality of the vagus nerve. using the rezzimax it’s recommended to put your tongue between your teeth and hum to help the vagus nerve do its job.
humming helps to slow breathing and kick in the parasympathetic system. Rezzimax is a vagus nerve trainer helping it to find the balance in your body to heal faster with no medication
Rezzimax in the ways mentioned below can decrease pain significantly after only 1 minute of usage.

7 Ways To Use The Tune Pro | migraine pressure points

rezzimax nose bridge

rezzimax nose bridge

  1. Open the tongues and place them at the back of the head supported by a pillow – working on c1 & c2 and the muscles at the back of the neck natural migraine relief pressure points.
  2. The tongues above eyebrows – This helps with Migraine relief when placing the Rezzimax on an acupuncture point above the eyebrows.
  3. Lower the strength, pinch tongues together, and place on the bridge of your nose to apply pressure on the front of the brain.
  4. Open tongues slightly, place them on your forehead, then take the tuner back and forth slowly for 1 minute, it helps with migraines and headaches as it’s applied on migraine pressure points
  5. Inside the mouth – Open tongues outside the teeth so you look a bit like a chipmunk… help to relax the jaw and turn side to side.
  6. Open the tongues slightly and keep the tongues open, bend your knees, and put it under your feet in where your bridge is while applying a bit of pressure
  7. Use the silicon attachment under your jaws, behind the ear to relieve tension quicker

My Experience with Rezzimax Tuner Pro

I have been using it for the last two years and have noticed amazing changes with our boys: better speech and articulation, improved hand-writing, better emotional regulation, and improved comprehension.

And yet, this is an amazing device that can help in so many ways.
Share with me in the comments the way you are using it and how does it help you in your daily activities.

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Watch my Video Podcast With Sharik Peck The Inventor and the Owner Of Rezzimax.

Dana Latter
Dana Latter

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